Wine Cellars That Shine

While I envision a wine cellar, I imagine a dark, cave-like room equipped with rock, wood and old wine barrels. However, for all those folks who are more contemporary in our own style, would not it be interesting to look for an equally contemporary wine cellar? From my perspective, contemporary design in this setting is actually about showing the structure of this wine cellar — strip off all the rustic elements and emphasize the wine. Here are a few fantastic examples of how to bring in contemporary stylings to your wine cellar.

Beckwith Interiors

Bottles of wine within an acrylic structure bathed in blue light produce a gorgeous architectural part in this beautifully constructed space. The large wooden spheres and cross-cut wood tile flooring add warmth and a touch of the rustic, but in a contemporary manner.

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This contemporary space also highlights the storage system — simple metals rods extend from the slatted wall — and shows off the bottles. There is no hardware. Note the nice lighting, art and fantastic tasting area. The glass enclosure retains the space open and airy atmosphere.

Robert Granoff

Backlit shelving enables the shape of the bottles to be used almost like art. The play of light off the walls provides yet another intriguing set of textures and colors.

Du Bois Design Ltd

Dressed in white, this little kitchen is a perfect companion to some glass-enclosed wine storage space. If you are not able to have an whole kitchen setup, at least contemplate a little countertop and sink area. It will make the entire space more functional and fun.

Taylor Lombardo Architects

I simply envision walking the Italian countryside and coming across a few door in the side of a pond. I walk through the door and into a wonderful wine cellar.

Here, the clean lines of this wine are a nice counterpoint to the rustic table and rock environment.

Kessick Wine Cellars

This little wine cellar could be tucked below a staircase or put in an unused closet or a basement. The clean lines of this timber surround, simple bottle hanging method and lighting keep it feeling contemporary but warm.

Bonfigli Design

A little set of wine cubbies sits perfectly next to the kitchen space and tucked next the stairs. What likely was an underutilized area is given new life and purpose.

Vin de Garde Cellar Systems Inc..

This peg-board system enables the owners to alter the layout of the storage based on what they need to emphasize. By eliminating some pegs and installing shelves, they were able to show off their expensive champagne (which I prefer to imagine they bought on a recent visit to France).

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