True Blood: What If Sookie Stackhouse Moved Away?

I do not understand about you, but I ‘m addicted to Trueblood. The primary quibble I have with this particular show, however, is does not Sookie simply move someplace far, far away from Bon Temps Louisiana? After all, the area is filled with vampires, werewolves, a maenad that is mad, as well as alligators and massive opossums simply dying to sink their teeth to the bad woman.

Sookie now lives in her grandmother’s farm-house, which includes its shabby-chic state charm, except that she usually appears to be scrub up blood in the floors, partitions and furniture. Plus, bad Gran was killed in the kitchen. The location is chock-full of poor chi, and Sookie wants a change.


First, the new home of Sookie requires a tough fence and gate to simply help keep the undesirables out. She will opt for a house in this way, maybe if she progresses to the large city, New Orleans. After all, there has to be plenty of means to get a mind-reader to earn a lot of cash, right?

Helios Design Team

Sookie should most likely possess a door that is red. Vampires must get permission from people to come in, which may set a delicate sign out that she is fascinated.

Mitchell Development Team

Sookie has has already established a Southern front-porch her lifetime, therefore I believe we had better give her one of these as well.

Amitzi Architects

Something slick and minimum is perfect because she looks to need to do lots of mopping up of blood in the kitchen, and red is her favourite accent colour.

Arty Designs for Dwelling, Tineke Triggs

We will let Sookie add a couple more ones occasionally, like these host and seats that are Velin because she adores her flowery prints.

*** SPOILER ALERT *** Jump another picture in case you are not caught through to Season Three!

Sharp Architects

On to the living room. Because Sookie is a faery, she should keep some reminders of the woods as well as the fairy airplane around. These birds on the green as well as the branches may help her recall to store her mild.

Every one of the litter and furniture in the bedroom of Sookie was panned during her battle with Deborah. This chamber is nonetheless female and pure, however provides Sookie’s chipped-paint-and-rosy-background appearance current.

Michelle Hinckley

The BFF of Sookie, Tara, h AS undergone a lot. Sookie is an incredibly faithful friend, despite the fact that she made some type of mad nest in Sookie’s mattress using a huge egg inside when she was owned during Period 2. She’s going to also possess a pleasant guest-room that is soothing for Tara to remain in for nevertheless long she needs to.

John Lewis

Cornishware Garlic Keeper Jar – GBP 28

Because she is had such awful experiences with vampires we give this to keep alongside her mattress.

Talking of friends, she should keep a pleasant preview on on her behalf home on her brother Jason to remain in when he sees. Plus, if all the undesirables locate her again, she can just hitch up finished and commence over someplace new.

As for her vampire friends, they simply require a place in the crawlspace to remain in throughout the daytime hours.

Are you a Trueblood lover? The established decoration on the show is very remarkable. They actually capture the feeling of each character’s history, in addition to the spooky swampy town and style.

Which other characters do you want to see get some new digs or a re Model? Fangtasia was being redecorated by my option, third spot would go to Bill Compton’s house.

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