Tips on How to Clean Carpet

While plush and inviting, carpets can also be quite difficult to maintain, especially when you’re dealing with juice spills or pet stains. That said, you don’t have to call on the services of an expensive professional cleaner every time you’re faced with a carpet cleaning Little Rock issue.

You can use some of our great tips instead, and soon you’ll be able to clean all types of spills and dirt.

Routine Maintenance

Routine carpet cleaning Little Rock AR is critical in avoiding dingy looking floors, especially if you have wall-to-wall carpets. This includes vacuuming your carpet at least 2 to 3 times a week to avoid the build-up of dirt and debris. You should also make sure to remove stains as soon as they appear, whether it’s a juice spill courtesy of one of your kids, or a doo-doo present from your new puppy. Most stains can be removed with a store-bought stain remover, but if you prefer to use chemical-free products, then you can easily create your own using simple ingredients.


When we say oils, we mean all types of oils, from grease to kids’ crayon stains and even makeup. To clean, start by scraping the stain off as much as possible, and pat some rubbing alcohol onto the affected area using a towel. Then, blot the stain out with another clean towel. If the stain persists, repeat the process as many times as it takes.


To get rid of rust stains, start by pouring some lemon juice directly onto the stain and sprinkle some cream of tartar on top. Use a towel to rub the mixture into the carpet and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes to soak. Take a damp towel to blot the area, and then dry it with another towel. Be sure to avoid scrubbing the area, as this may cause the rust to spread.


Organic stains include things like fruit juice, berries and blood. To clean, pour one or two capfuls of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain, leave it to soak for 3 minutes, and then pat it carefully with a sponge that has been dipped in clean water. Lastly, dry it out with a clean towel. A word of caution; only use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for this job, which you can easily find at your local drugstore.


First, wait for the mud to dry and cake up. Next, crumble it up and vacuum. Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a receptacle with warm water and pour the solution onto the stained area. Then, dab it gently with a soft cloth and dry it with a towel.

Pet Urine

To get rid of pet stains, mix one cup of warm water with 1 cup of vinegar inside a spray bottle. Pour some baking powder onto the affected area and then spray it with the solution. Leave it to soak for 5 minutes before you blot it out with a clean cloth.


While we only mentioned ketchup, this trick works like magic on pretty much all acidic stains. Pour one cup of warm water and one tablespoon of ammonia into a spray bottle and spritz onto the soiled area. Use a clean towel to blot out the excess liquid and repeat the process until you’ve removed the stain completely.

As you can see, Little Rock carpet cleaning mostly consists of employing simple and easy solutions that leave your carpet fresh and spotless.