The Marvels of Wainscoting

Want a simple way to introduce an architectural element into a nondescript area? Try wainscoting. Originally utilised to protect plaster walls out of nicks, scuffs and other mishaps, wainscoting has evolved into a means of injecting interest and style into interior spaces.

Whether stained or painted, installed high or low, there is no doubt that wainscoting is a wise investment that offers lasting enjoyment to present homeowners as well as prospective inhabitants. Let’s have a look.

Glenn Gissler Design

We often see paneling painted white, but I love how the designer deviated from the standard and borrowed a warm beige hue from the region rug. The designer’s selection maintains the entryway’s cozy atmosphere and contrasts tones from the furniture and the wood floor.

Andrea May Hunter/Gatherer

The combination of stained wood paneling, crown molding and a coordinating ceiling medallion provides this newer home a historical charm. The leather Eames lounge chair and geometric-patterned rug give a great juxtaposition of mid-century and traditional decor.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Instead of framed art, a constant walls of wainscoting provides visual interest while maintaining a clean minimalist aesthetic.

H&H Design

Wish to add little flair to your conventional wainscoting installation? Wallpaper the top half of the wall at a bold, colorful print. Not only will your distance have the wow factor you crave, but you also save money on materials and labor by only covering a part of the wall.

Summerour Architects

Floor-to-ceiling wainscoting gives instant clues to the design of the lakeside retreat. Furniture and colors are a natural extension of the room’s architectural and follows through with its cabin motif.

Grainda Builders, Inc..

This must be among my favorite wainscoting applications. In this two story foyer, the paneling has been installed to normal ceiling height, visually decreasing the ceiling and creating the space feel equally welcoming and intimate.

Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

Here is another illustration of the same technique. This cathedral-height foyer uses paneling together with a checkered floor to ground the space as a solid chandelier takes full advantage of the towering ceilings.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

You can add wainscoting to any surface, such as doorways. To protect against the moldings from feeling heavy, keep the paint color a shade or two lighter in the present wall color.

Beautiful Details: Wainscoting and Paneled Walls
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