The best way to Replace Sash Weights in Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows can last for for many years using upkeep and a care, but the ropes that help the weights are susceptible to use and decay within the years. Without weights that are sash, double-hung windows will not remain open or might be hard to open. When this occurs, it’s necessary to to displace weights and the cord.

Tap the blade of a putty knife using a hammer beneath the window quit to pry it away from your sash. Start in the very best of the quit and operating to the underside. Unscrew any screws holding the stay in in place using a screwdriver. Gently wiggle the quit till it comes free. Use the putty knife to score the paint before prying away the quit in the event the stop was painted.

Pull up the cord till it’s stopped by the fat, to obtain some slack. One side of the window out to expose the steel housing that encloses cord and the fat. The fat has fallen as well as in the event the cord has damaged, pull the cord free of the window, then pull out the window. Remove any steel tracks in the window when they’re current.

Remove the steel piece that secures the method in the window-frame using a screwdriver or a putty knife. Lift the fat out if it’s broken from the cord and dropdown any weights nevertheless connected to un-broken cords. Untie any cord items in the weight and established the fat apart.

Use the aged cord cut and to measure a size of cord that is new. Tie a washer to the conclusion of a string tie fall the washer and pull it from the bottom. Tie the cord size that is new to the fat that is new.

Tie the washer conclusion of the string and pull the cord that is new up and from the most effective hole. Feed the cord and untie the string. Feed the cord through the channel that is sash and secure it having a knot.

Replace window-sash, tracks and the steel protect and re position the window quit. Repeat the whole procedure on another side if essential.

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