The best way to Prepare T 111 Tough Plywood Siding for Repainting

Poor surface preparation outcomes in bad paint adhesion and is the cause of 80-percent of coating failures, according the the Sherwin-Williams Company. Preparing T111 for re-painting needs a different method because its texture makes it hard to scrape than planning wood surfaces. While you can remove peeling and flaking paint power-washing, which requires a small percent of the time is opted for by most painters. The pressure of water from an electric washer leaves the siding somewhat deglossed and prepared for re-painting and eliminates mildew, grime and loose paint in one pass.

Cover bushes and shrubs with plastic sheeting to protect them from flecks of particles and paint.

Connect a power washer to your garden hose and connect the hose to your water supply. Turn on the water before the device is turned on by you.

Begin washing a wall at a corner that is lower. Hold the suggestion of the energy washer about 6″ in the surface. Move it upward then transfer it overlapping the spray patter by about 50%. Keep the tip near enough to create a variation that is noticeable after washing, however do not hold it close as the water that is pressurized will make make ridges.

Reach greater parts of of the wall, using a step-ladder. Plant it and level and climb no greater in relation to the second- highest. Hire a ladder in case you require more peak.

Scrape any free paint using a wire brush after powerwashing off. Let the wall dry for 48 hrs before continuing.

Cover doorways, windows and anything else you do not want to paint with masking tape and paper. Caulk the caulk.

Prime the wall with exterior primer. The primer will include support and safety adhesion of the topcoat. It will also conserve paint as the grain is filled by it. Allow the primer to dry about 3 to 4 hrs before painting.

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