The best way to Plant Silver Sheen

Silver Sheen (Pittosporum tenuifolium) is a large evergreen shrub with little shimmery light-green leaves that mirror the sunlight when they transfer, creating a “silver sheen” look. The shrub grows up to 15 feet broad and 25-feet tall. Small purple flowers appear in spring. Plant silver sheen in total to partial sunlight and water frequently. Silver sheen grows best in Sunset Climate Zones 9, 14 through 17, and 19 through 24.

Plant in partial shade or full sun. When selecting an area, keep the achievable peak of the shrub in mind. Space plants 12 to 15 feet apart.

Mix compost to the soil. Check the drainage by digging a hole. Fill the hole with water; combine sand in using the soil in the event the hole doesn’t drain within an hour. Repeat the check before the drainage is sufficient.

Dig a hole twice the width and depth of the roots that are shrub. Place the roots and complete using a combination of compost and soil. Tamp the soil when the hole is half down -stuffed, then fill the remaining hole.

Water the plant soon after after planting, then there after. Fertilize with . again every April 10-10-10 months after planting, and

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