The best way to Install Wall Tile Over Backer Board

Backer board is installed to produce an even, secure area to to aid the weight of the tiles also to stop moisture from damaging the walls. It employed in bathrooms and shower enclosures and is most frequently produced from cement. It’s also accessible in waterresistant greenboard sheetrock in the home for rooms. The installation procedure is the same for both kinds of backer board, as well as the procedure differs from installing over drywall or plywood.

Wipe on the backer boards using a moist sponge to eliminate any dirt left left out from installation.

To the joints involving the backer boards using a spatula, squeeze tile adhesive. Alkaline -resistant fiberglass tape on the joints. Spread adhesive overtop of the tape and use the spatula to feather the edges on and produce a a good bond that was sealed together with the backer board. Smooth the just as much as possible out.

Caulk involving the backer board as well as the ground with moisture-resistant silicone. Allow the adhesive to cure according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

Mark the middle of the wall using a chalk line device. Dry-suit a row of tiles across the edge of the wall. Adjust the tiles as-needed to prevent thin or uneven cuts of tile.

Mix a little batch of thin-set, no more than you are going to use in 30 minutes, following the manufacturers’ instructions. Spread thin-set utilizing the edge of the trowel on a tiny area of of wall in the middle. Drag the edge of the trowel before the location through the thin-set is no longer easy at along any part.

Set the tile on the wall, lining up it using the chalkline. Press the tile to the area to bond with all the adhesive. Install two spacers on along side it of every tile. Set a 2nd tile to the adhesive on the contrary side of the chalkline, butting up the edges against the spacers. Place an even on the other side of the the top of tiles. Faucet them using a rubber mallet to le Vel them, in the event the tiles are un even. Install one mo-Re tile to the correct of the two tiles to the left and one. Start the second-row, installing one tile on every side of the chalk-line.

Continue tiles in this way, producing a routine that is step-like, before the row is accomplished. Install the two remaining conclusion tiles on the next row, then two mo-Re tiles to the third-row accompanied by by two on the third-row to continue the stepping routine before the the remaining of the wall is stuffed in.

Lay one tile on the area beginning in the edge and over-Lapping the tile in every row when a complete-sized tile WOn’t suit. Mark the tile where it overlaps the total-sized tile. Cut the tile along that line using a noticed that is moist. Use tile nippers to chip a-way small items of tile to to suit around electrical outlets and mild fixtures. Before nipping to a void chipping a-way too significantly, score the tile. The cut tiles the sam-e way the full-sized tiles were installed. Leave the thin set to remedy for 2 4 hrs.

Mix a batch of grout in line with the package directions. Remove the spacers. Pack the grout to the grooves involving the tiles using a rubber grout float. Wipe a-way grout having a damp sponge in the surface of the tiles. Cure the grout in accordance with package directions. Clean any remaining grout residue in the tiles having grout cleaner and a tile.

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