The best way to Install a Wardrobe Door Monitor Above a Laminate Floor

Flooring suppliers create floors in sheet vinyl and wood, resilient tile. Floors may be installed over concrete, plywood or particleboard, and these substrates offers a dependable installation for wardrobe door tracks. Vinyl door tracks or installing aluminum isn’t complex or especially hard. The common do-it- yourself can install a monitor using components from some shop tools as well as the installation kit.

Wooden Sub-Floor

Measure the width of the closet door-opening involving the faces of the jambs, and deduct 1/8 inch. Transfer this measurement to the lower — again — of the door monitor. Mark a square-line on the other side of the rear of the monitor at your measurement using a builder’s square as well as a felt tip marker.

Cut the monitor to size using a hacksaw. Touch up any burrs from the cut using a file that is flat. Set the monitor set up atop the floor in the closet door-opening. Flush the fringe of of the monitor using the edges of the jambs at every end.

Set up an electric drill or cordless drill using a 1/16-inch drill bit. Drill pilot holes in the monitor and to the subfloor in the middle of every hole throughout the flooring.

Secure the track in place with one of the holes that are supplied wood screws in all the pilot. Drive the screws comfortable using a screw suggestion attachment in the energy drill or cordless drill.

Concrete Slab

Repeat steps 2 and 1 above, slice the the door monitor to dimension and place it in the closet door-opening. Mark the ground in the middle of all the holes in the monitor with all the felt tip marker. Remove the monitor and set it apart.

Set up an electric drill or cordless drill using a 3/16-inch masonry drill bit. Drill 1 inch- holes at every one of your marks on the ground.

Install a 3/16-inch by 1 inch embed anchor into each hole on the ground. Tap the encounter of the anchors together with the hammer to ensure they’re flush using the floor.

Reset the do-or monitor and align the holes that are machined using the anchors in the ground.

Thread the supplied embed screws yourself through the holes in the monitor before you sense the threads are caught by the screws . Tighten the screws securely -suggestion attachment installed in the cordless or strength drill.

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