The best way to Hand Pollinate Gourds

The family contains hundreds of plant species used for decoration and food, including watermelon, pumpkin and squash. Gourds participate in one of three kinds: luffas, ornamentals or hardshells. Ornamentals and luffas bear flowers that open throughout the day, while hardshells have evening-blooming flowers that are white. The flowers of both kinds only remain open for less than 24 hrs. Gourds normally depend on on flying insects to pollinate the flowers. For those who have a lack of pollinating insects in your backyard, it’s helpful to hand-pollinate the gourds your self.

Male and female flowers in your plant. Flowers have a huge, bulbous progress on the vine under the the blossoms, while this development is lacked by flowers.

By covering them using a muslin draw string bag isolate blooms. Pull on the draw string to close the bag.

Return to hand-pollinate the flowers when they open normally. Orange flowers generally open in the morning, and white flowers open at dusk.

Remove the bags in the flowers. Locate a flower that is male and bend it toward a flower that is female.

Tap the flower gently to shake pollen on the flower that is the feminine. Alternatively, split the flower off and use it to dirt the the feminine flower. One flower carries pollen to pollinate a flowers that are feminine.

Cover the pollinated flowers using the muslin bags. This prevents bugs from cross pollinating the plant. Remove the bags after 4-8 hrs.

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