The best way to Cultivate Centella Asiatica

Centella asiatica, additionally referred to as gotu kola, has enjoyed a lengthy history. Gotu kola, creeping groundcover and an evergreen perennial, is sensitive to frost. It grows in USDA Hardiness Zones 7 and greater, making it ideal for planting in the the heat of the San Francisco Bay region. The plant characteristics scalloped, inch-long leaves, pinkish flowers that are tiny, and measures 8″ tall by about 3-feet broad. It thrives in problems that are boglike, making it an ideal option for a lack of robust, sunlight as well as gardens with soil. Gotu kola is tolerant of most soil types, including sand, clay and loam. Propagate kola by seed to develop this desirable and useful plant in your backyard.

With planting medium, fill a container of any dimension.

Plant the kola seeds spaced gotu or 2 inches apart.

Water carefully. Keep the soil moist don’t permit it to dry.

Transplant the seedlings into greater pots when they’ve grown their first set of leaves.

Allow the seedlings to develop in the containers for their first-year. Keep the containers in a greenhouse or in-doors through the winter.

Plant gotu kola seedlings in the backyard anytime following the last frost day of your area’s. Choose a sunny, moist or semishady place for the permanent place of the plant.

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