The best way to Build a Big Storage Closet

A big, free-standing storage cupboard can be built by you in one afternoon. This kind of cupboard — if employed for clothes — is called a wardrobe or armoire. But you use it to store things and can call it something you like. Build it 72 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 18-inches deep with adjustable shelves. You can not have too much space for storage in the event you are planning on selling a house.

Drill holes one-inch apart down both sides of the 72-inch parts two inches in the edge, of the plywood. Use a 3/8-inch drill bit as well as a cordless drill. Mark them off regularly throughout. These can be the holes for the shelf pegs.

Set a tablesaw blade. Using the miter gauge on the table saw, miter one conclusion of the 72-inch items, using the holes that you drilled facing down. Miter ends of the 2 4-inch pieces of plywood — you’ll be mitering the ends that are 18-inches long.

Smear glue on all the corners. Place all parts on their edges and provide the corners that are glued to produce an 18-by-2 4-by-72-inch box. Pin nails through all corners spaced. Let the glue dry for one hour.

Run a bead of glue over the leading edge. Place the 1/4 inch plywood on the box and flush it. Pin nails to the fringe of of the box, spaced to secure the straight back throughout the plywood.

Turn the box right-side-up. Place the 2 4-by-72-inch piece on the entrance. This can be the door. Using 3 and the gun /4 inch brass screws, screw the 72-inch piano hinge to the medial side of the do-or. One fringe of of the hinge ought to be flush using the very top of the do-or. Screw the facet of the hinge to along side it of the cabinet.

Stand the closet up right. Open the do or and insert four 3/8-inch shelf pegs in to matching holes on either side of the cupboard for every single shelf. Slide the shelves to the cabinet. Screw a latch of your option along with a knob to the do-or with all the gun that is cordless.

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