Propagation of Myrtus Communis Cuttings

Myrtus communis is the title for the myrtle plant that is correct. This evergreen shrub creates leaves with white, sweet scented blossoms throughout the summer. The leaves to produce scent that is powerful when bruised or crushed. Bushes grow nicely in a water-conservation landscape, in order to let the shrub dry between watering. The Myrtus communis grows in zones with winters that are moderate. While the stems are delicate perform propagation through cuttings.


Pick a Myrtus communis shrub which is healthy without any sign of infestation. Water the myrtle plant properly the day before using the cuttings. Clean a knife as well as a plant pot with 1 part bleach mixed with 9 parts water. Sterilizing the the equipment aids to stop the spread of plant diseases. It also removes any hiding backyard pests which may be hitch-hiking on the plant pot. If holes are not current poke holes.

Rooting Media

Mix equal parts of perlite and peat moss; a mixture is created by these elements. By using normal backyard grime, the cuttings are exposed to backyard pests and fungi, plant disease. Fill the plant pot using the mixture. Set the plant pot in a container of room temperature water before the very top of the mixture is moist.


The best time is before the the new area of the day. This minimizes water loss in the cutting as a result of evaporation. Pick a semi-hard-wood branch, which is from this year’s progress which is just beginning to harden. Cut the final end of the branch using a knife. The cutting should be between 4 and 6″ long.

Preparing the Cutting

Remove the leaves in the bottom half of the cutting to produce a bear stem. This decreases the water use of the cutting. Pour a rooting hormone right into a container that is tiny. By dipping the cutting straight into the authentic bottle do not contaminate the big bottle of hormone. Dip the cut conclusion to the powder, shaking the extra off the stem.

Potting Up

Place the ends of the cuttings to the soilless combination and slide bamboo skewers to the fringe of of the plant pot to support the the clear-plastic far from the cuttings. After laying an item of plastic on the cutting, secure it having a rubber band to keep the dampness in the mini-greenhouse. Place the cuttings within an area of vivid, in-direct mild.


Myrtus communis cuttings root mo-Re rapidly when the media is warm. Keep the temperature of the plant pot around 70 levels Fahrenheit. Avoid extra warmth used to the plant pot; as an alternative, use a pre set heating mat developed because of this purpose. Do not allow the temperature rise above 75 levels Fahrenheit or the procedure that is rooting may abort. Plant the cuttings in to person plant pots stuffed with planting medium once roots form.

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