Press Pause: Styling the Video

A few weeks back, I wrote an ideabook about styling inside photos and I mentioned that what is on the tv screen may make a difference. Let’s face it, a plain old set that’s turned off is not usually the most appealing piece in a room, so why not utilize it to your advantage? Here is what a few of the Houzz photographers and designers have chosen to screen recently.

Elad Gonen

The fish in this image add colour to the room and make us do a double-take, perhaps thinking for a moment that this really is a fish tank.

Modern Home Theatre

O.. . M….G.. . .needs no phrases. Though I’m enough of a nerd to know this is the final time we will see Darth Vader without his mad black getup and that heavy breathing difficulty.


This collection adds the attractiveness of the gladiator into the room.

Urban Landscape

This is truly weird, and I kind of dig it.

This is one way to put on a water view!

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

Financial charts let us know that this is one serious office.

Donny Hackett Design

A animation instantly adds a kid-friendly vibe into this elaborate media room.

Modern Home Theatre

This isn’t the last time we will see Johnny Depp.

Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer

I’ve been attempting to figure out whether this is Springsteen.


This man just kind of goes with the room, and his big head provides a focus in this shot.

Chris Snook

What film could you put in to this particular room? I am thinking some Teletubbies or possibly Xanadu would be fun with the purple accent wall.

The force is with this particular chamber.

Joel Kelly Design


Pampa Tiles USA

This one just makes me think of my second-favorite Chris Rock quote”That tiger did not go mad, that tiger went tiger”

Witt Construction

Cheesehead appeal. Perfect for property brochures in Green Bay.

Elad Gonen

The photographers cleverly picked up about the colors of the pool, adding into the connectivity between indoors and outside.

Friehauf Architects Inc..

A close up like this one lets us know exactly how big that TV is: her mind looks bigger than the theater seats.


The arrangement in the scene increases the structure within the room. I believe this is Evan Almighty.

Pierre Jean-Baptiste Interiors

A black and white film matches the photography within the room.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

You can not go wrong with Marilyn.

I told you Johnny would be back. I like the burst of technicolor this choice increases the neutral colored room.

Kupec Design And Build

This shooter is begging for a Star Trek scene.

Pierre Jean-Baptiste Interiors

Her coloring really matches this room.

This is one room where I won’t advocate for a movie to be enjoying. The bat cave requires a bat symbol concealment.

Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc

Nothing pretties up a room such as Catherine Zeta Jones.

This states”my spouse may not let me eat wings in such chairs, but I can still watch the game in here.”

Flanking Tony Montana with palm trees is matching.

La Scala

I’ve heard that this film is really long, so I’d certainly want to be sitting in a super luxe comfy chair such as those pictured here while viewing it.

Callaway Wyeth

Is the polo game adding bit of Ralph Lauren inspiration into the room? Maybe this will inspire the furniture options.

Elad Gonen

There’s some serious psychology going on here.


I am really confused — is this kind of reflection? And if this is so, why isn’t the”7″ backwards? Please advise.

Camber Construction

A soft area of flowers adds a soothing feeling.

MN Builders

Global style.

Urban Landscape

If I squint really hard I believe I see that a surfer. The purpose of this screen choice is to make a focus in the center of the photograph.

Stonewood, LLC

This is a fun series of three which shows the gap between a set that is on and a set that is off. Here the set resembles a black hole.

Stonewood, LLC

This is an improvement, but the spectacle is a bit cluttered.

Stonewood, LLC

This one is the ideal alternative.


This adds a friendly feeling to the image.


A perfect fit to the room.


Very calming and marshy, this choice looks like a landscape painting.

Gast Architects

Another psych-out, this choice can fool you into thinking it is artwork. In reality, a Houzz member said she purchased a DVD of paintings to use for interior photography styling. I never would have thought about this.

Pepe Calderin Design- Modern Interior Design

I really like the way they played the fire off the fire in the fireplace. Brilliant.

Stonewood, LLC

What goes with classic caramel leather? Classic white and black.

Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

A rustic pick for a relaxed and airy room.

Stonewood, LLC

This manly looking film goes well with the manly, rustic chic style of this room.

Elad Gonen

The only thing which may go better with this furniture is Fantasia.

Dick Clark + Associates

I am not certain if this is a tv or a photograph over the fireplace.

The colors on the screen play the colour on the fireplace, especially the strong grey on the left side.

Bliss Home Theaters & Automation, Inc

This is every sports enthusiast’s dream.


Seriously, and I thought I was hooked on tv?

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