19 Easy Home Decorating Ideas

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference when it comes to Anaheim painters, and as this article will prove, this saying is quite true. In fact, some of these ideas are so simple and unexpected that you’d overlook the effect that they can have on the rest of the room.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Drape the doorway to your room with a vibrant curtain instead of a door to add a unique texture and feel to the room.
  2. Wrap your bathroom mirror frame with wallpaper to make a statement.
  3. Leading painter Anaheim, CA suggest to supplement an otherwise drab space with a vibrant accent color like canary yellow or bright pink to instantly lift the mood in any room.
  4. Inject some personality to an otherwise traditional dining room by draping the table with a vivacious tablecloth.
  5. If your bathroom has a wooden floor, paint it blue to make the space more inviting and cheerful.
  6. Take a roll of printed wallpaper and stick it onto your window shades to spruce them up.
  7. Add a nautical feel to your bathroom, using a combination of reclaimed wooden frames, sea shells and some faded batik print cushions.
  8. Give one of your antiques the center stage in one of your rooms by making it the only vintage item in an otherwise modern setting. You can also apply this trend in the reverse, and add a sleek and ultra-modern table to a traditionally decorated room.
  9. Mix-and-match different styles in your hallway to spark charm and interest. Items like souvenirs from your travels, oriental rugs and interesting picture frames can make all the difference.
  10. Move your living room furniture away from the walls and closer to the center of the room for a more intimate feel.
  11. Decorate your dining room table with differently colored chairs for a more casual setting.
  12. Buy a slipcover to introduce some old world charm through your living room chairs.
  13. Give your furniture a new lease of life by painting it white, and opt for paint with a glossy finish. This trend is all the rave right now with house painting Anaheim, CA.
  14. Create a DIY statement art piece, such as a collection of differently colored mugs superimposed on a bare wall. That’s sure to grab some attention.
  15. Put together a collection of African masks from different tribes, and put them in one place for a nice and interesting display.
  16. Take your visitors by surprise and hang an interesting painting on a bookshelf.
  17. A stylish new trend involves painting only half the wall in one color, while leaving the other half in another color.
  18. Add some colorful accents to the open shelves in your kitchen through accessories, books, colorful glasses and more.
  19. Introduce some Caribbean flair to your living room by painting the back of your open shelf cabinets in bright blue or yellow.